Shadow on Concrete Wall


I'm Jade

I created this space to share travel planning tips and advice, and chronicle my experience with PMDD and a recently diagnosed autoimmune disease (UC). I am on a journey to achieving optimal holistic health.


On my blog you'll find content focused around health, travel, and everyday life things that I enjoy and hope you will too! 


 I like to do things my way but that's because I do a lot of research.

A ton of research + jade sprinkle =





  • I've lived around the world and through a natural disaster 

  • I work in emergency management

  • I lived in Tahoe for two years

  • I met my husband in San Francisco 

  • I used to be an event manager

  • I bartended my way through grad school

  • I love planning!

  • I have the cutest wiener dog there ever was


I recently turned 30 and my idea of success and quality of life have shifted and my health has become more of a priority. I want to have the courage to share more, be open to new connections and opportunities, and make more time for all the people and things I love. This is the start of that.



Thanks for reaching out!