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5 of My Favorite Travel Tricks and Tips

Updated: Feb 27

In an effort to create more room in my suitcase, save money, or desperately try and remember the name of the delicious restaurant or cool bar I ended up at one night, I've discovered a few helpful tricks. Necessity is the mother of invention...or in this case, the discovery of what already existed but I didn't know about it and now that I do life is easier.

Anyway, here is what I've learned.

Boob Tape

Yep, boob tape. Honestly I love this stuff. I steered clear of it for a long time because I thought - yeah right. But I was recently on a trip and wanted to bring a certain dress that needed a strapless bra but I didn't want to bring my strapless bra for one outfit because it is bulky and takes up too much valuable space. I flashed back to all of Kim Kardashians Instagram stories about boob tape and decided to give it a try, and voila, I'm hooked.

I love it for traveling because I can just bring one normal bra, a sports bra, and boob tape. If you have backless, strapless, plunge, or any other wild tape of shirt or dress cut all you need is some boob tape. Check out to see all the ways to use it and you can get it there or a little cheaper on amazon - I've used them both and they work the same.


It's a multi-use lifesaver I'm telling you.

  • The only lip balm you'll ever nee

  • Dry heel rescue (especially when doing lots of walking!)

  • Use as an ointment on small cuts and scrapes

  • Cuticle cream

  • Eye makeup remover (yes even waterproof mascara)

  • Get a tattoo while you'r traveling? Use aquaphor to heal it

iPhone Maps Tricks

Ever eaten somewhere abroad (or anywhere you don't know the area) and realized you don’t remember the name of the restaurant? Or been on an adventure with no service and pass something you want to be able to return to but don’t know exactly where you are? I have, many times, because I never get a SIM card when traveling, I just rely on wifi at hotels and restaurants. But maybe you aren't abroad and you have cell capabilities, you just.... don't have service.

Either way, here are some iPhone Maps tips that can help in these situations where you don't have service, for whatever reason.

  • If you are somewhere, without service, but want to know the exact spot you are in, open your maps, mark your location (blue dot) and then scroll up. You will see an address displayed (but if you’re really out there it will just be a town name) and then you will see longitude and latitude coordinates underneath. Later when you get to wifi or a service area you can enter the coordinates in maps and find the exact spot. You can also take a photo wherever you are, and later when you get to wifi just scroll up on the photo and a map will appear with the location of the photo.

  • If you are abroad or do not have a SIM card and you are in need of directions to a destination, input your destination in your phone while you still have wifi. As long as you click “GO” before you leave wifi or service area, your maps will work the whole way to your destination (you just can’t go off course though because it won’t be able to reroute).

In order for these to work you have to make sure you have your GPS enabled for photos and maps. This is likely already done but to check, go to: Settings > Privacy > Location Services. Make sure Location Services is "on" and confirm that Camera, Photos, and Maps are all set to "while using" and that the "precise location" toggle is turned on. You can click on each app listed to allow or change location access.

Buy Travel Size Toiletries

Yes, duh, is likely what you are thinking right now. But what I mean is, there is a travel size of everything - so instead of transferring things to small containers just do yourself a favor and buy a travel size version. I even buy travel size micellar water, sunscreen, and use sample sizes of face serums, etc.

For the few things that I can’t get in travel size or don't want to because it's expensive like my favorite face cream or something then I use these non leak travel containers. I also have a few of the fancy Cadence travel containers because I was swayed by the fact they they are magnetic and aesthetic and customizable, BUT, they are ridiculously priced IMO and you can get a set of 9 on amazon for less than the price of ONE Cadence container.

Bring a Larger Backpack

Carry-on bags are generally given a once over by the airline staff to make sure they are not oversized for the cabin, so I always travel with a compliant carry on, but you know what they never look at? Your backpack or "personal item". The personal item must fit under the seat and be 9 x 10 x 17 inches. But guess what, they won’t notice if it's bigger, as long as it fits (can be forced) under the seat. I bring a backpack that is a little bigger than the “allowed size” but they have never noticed. It's gives me a few extra liters of space when flying with carry-ons only.

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